Haf 922 fan hookup

Fan will not start. Fuse or circuit breaker blown. Loose power line connections to the fan, or loose wire connections in the switch housing. Reversing switch in neutral position.

Check main and branch circuit fuses or circuit breakers. Check line wire connections to fan and switch wire connections in the switch housing.

Make sure reversing switch position is all the way to one side. Make sure main power is turned off. Blades not attached to fan. Loose screws in motor housing. Screws securing fan blade flanges to motor hub are loose. Switch housing binding against the blade hub. Wire connectors inside switch housing rattling. Screws holding blades to flanges are loose. Attach blades to fan before operating. Check to make sure all screws in motor housing are snug not over-tight.

Check to make sure the screws which attach the fan flanges to the motor hub are tight. Check to make sure that the switch housing does not bind against the blade hub. Check to make sure wire connectors in switch housing are not rattling against each other or against the interior wall of the witch housing. Setscrew in motor coupling is loose. Fan blade flanges not seated properly. Fan blades could be out of balance. Tighten the setscrew in the motor coupling.

Check to be sure screws which attach the fan blade to motor hub are tight. Check to be sure the fan blade flanges seat firmly and uniformly to the surface of the motor hub. If flanges are seated incorrectly, loosen the flange screws and retighten. Interchanging an adjacent side-by-side blade pair can redistribute the weight and result in smoother operation.

Aug 29, аи Hi all, I recently bought a semi-used Cooler Master ATC case off of eBay and everything about it is fine (well the back and the top fan are . Customer reviews. out of 5 stars. out of 5 stars. 5 star: 78%: 4 star the fan in the new HAF seems quite a bit noisier than my older It is ample space also a note you will have to figure in a sata por for the esata drive for your esata hook up front so with your motherboard figure that in too and buy the.

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