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While at a New York City nightclub, the Pandemonium, she is stunned to observe a group of teenagers with apparent supernatural abilities: Jace, Isabelle, and Alec.

She sees them attack a demon and soon realizes she is the only person able to see them. After the battle, Clary is introduced to the group of teens, who identify themselves as Shadowhunters, a race of humans who are physically enhanced with angel blood, who secretly protect humanity from demons. When her mother Jocelyn goes missing, Clary learns that the event is connected to the conflict between the Shadowhunters and their enemies.

She then enters the Shadowhunter fold, using her newly revealed mystical abilities to assist the group while attempting to find her mother. At the end of City of Bones, Valentine tells them that Clary and Jace are siblings which, they discover later in the series, is a lie. In the second book of the series, City of Ashes , Clary dates her best friend Simon, who has for a long time had a crush on her, in order to forget Jace during the torturous time of believing him to be her brother.

In the end of the second novel, Clary finds that an old friend of her mother, Madeleine, knows how to wake her mother, who has been in a magical coma since the first book. In City of Glass , it is discovered that Jocelyn had taken a potion, made by a warlock named Ragnor Fell, to induce a comatose state and prevent her from being interrogated by Valentine.

Before she dies, Madeleine tells Clary she needs to find Fell, who will help her cure her mother. Luke then takes her to his sister Amatis for healing. During her stay in Alicante, Clary ventures to find Ragnor Fell, who will be able to help her with the potion.

She is escorted there by Sebastian Verlac, whom she recently met, in an attempt to make contact with Fell. Instead she finds Magnus Bane. She returns to Alicante, where Sebastian kisses her.

She rejects him after having feelings of "wrong" while he kissed her, and they continue back to Alicante. She then learns that something called the Book of White has been hidden in Wayland Manor, and travels with Jace to retrieve it. Inside the Manor, they find the angel Ithuriel tied up and left for dead in the basement. He gives both Shadowhunters visions of Valentine experimenting on his children with demon blood in an attempt to make a stronger warrior.

They escape from Wayland Manor, after freeing Ithuriel so that he can finally die; the two then share a moment of passionate romance. They return to Alicante to see it burning from the first assault on the city, and after things are in order, Clary meets with the others and they go to free Simon who was taken to a Conclave prison called The Guard. They return to see the Clave, and Clary uses her rune ability to create a binding rune, enabling Shadowhunters and Downworlders to share powers.

All those of age go to the battle on Brocelind Plains, and Clary has to give Simon the Mark of Cain so that the vampires will join the fight. Her real brother is Sebastian Jonathan Morgenstern. It is soon revealed that Sebastian is a spy for Valentine and that he tried to seduce Clary into teaming up with him.

Clary then tries to locate Jace to help him. She runs into Valentine, who ties her down in order to complete his summoning of the Angel by using her blood. Then, when Jace arrives to rescue her, Valentine forces her to watch as he fatally stabs Jace in the chest. After Jace is brought back to life, the two get together. But soon, Jace starts to behave strangely and avoids her, leading Clary to assume he wants to break up with her.

In truth, he has been influenced by Lilith, who sent him dreams in which he kills or hurts Clary, because when he was raised from the dead by Raziel , all of his protections placed on him at birth were stripped away, leaving him vulnerable to demonic influence. Seeing his chance, Simon destroys Lilith with his Mark of Cain.

Alec then shoves Clary back to the room as they get into the elevator, feeling that only she can help him. Clary and Jace reaffirm their love after she convinces him he is not a horrible person. Five minutes," and they share a kiss before she leaves and comes back to find him gone, unaware his rune has healed and he is possessed once again. But other problems come to the Clave and it has to set aside the search for Jonathan.

Clary is outraged by the news. The Seelie Queen has requested that Clary be allowed to steal the faerie rings kept inside the Institute. Afterward, Clary accepts their offer of coming to them. At the enchantment ceremony, she was surprised when Amatis was turned into a dark Shadowhunter by the blood of Lilith. When Glorious was handed to her, she struck Jace, the mark of Lilith burning, making him cry out in pain. By the consent of Brother Zachariah, she entered, hugging Jace and reaffirming their relationship.

Finally in City of Heavenly Fire, Sebastian has taken many shadowhunters and turned them into his endarkened. The remaining shadowhunters retreat to Idris for safety. Sebastian offers to leave them alone if he is given Clary and Jace. After spending days trying to find him they come upon his castle, a dark version of Alicante.

Sebastian offers Clary a place next to him, in exchange for leaving everyone she knows and all of the Shadowhunters alone. She accepts it, knowing that she has to keep everyone safe. When Sebastian is momentarily distracted she stabs him with the Morgenstern blade, containing heavenly fire. He is returned to the brother that she could have had, before he then dies.

The group manage to escape after Simon gives up his immortality and memories of the Shadow World. She and Jace are happy, as the others; they are coping with all the losses of the dark war. After all that Jace finally finds out what Sebastian did to Clary.

She is said to look like her mother, who is described as beautiful and small. Clary sometimes doubts the fact that she is as beautiful as her mother, believing herself to be a duller version of her mother, with less defined features. She is rather small and thin. She is described by Jace many times throughout the series as "delicate". She is portrayed by Lily Collins in the film adaptation of the book and Katherine McNamara in the television series.

She is also the sister to Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern. She gained her ability to create runes when Valentine fed her mother angel blood while she was in the womb.

Television series cast. The following is a list of series regulars who have appeared in one or more of the series' three seasons. The characters are listed in the order they were first credited in the series. Christina Santiago (born October 15, in Chicago, Illinois) of Puerto Rican descent, is an American model and actress. She was one of three finalists of the Fox TV special Who Wants to Be a Playboy Centerfold? and was chosen as Playboy's Playmate of the Month for August Born: July 28, (age 43), Chicago, Illinois.

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