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I paid cash for them and I had the receipt showing i purchased them the day before. This was at the dollar General on Elmont Rd. There is absolutely never a time when this behavior is OK.

I had a receipt for the item that no one even bothered to look at because we never even got that far. Snotty little girl at the front who was about to get off work in 10 minutes did not have time to do a return, is really what it really boils down to. He came out swinging so to speak! He never asked me what I was returning or why, and began verbally assaulting me In less than a minutes from the time he walked up.

His attitude was horrible, just like it always is because I have seen him several times in there before his attitude is always generally the same. His claims were much like the little girls at the front, and after looking at the return policy for Dollar General completely unfounded. Policy or no policy, their behavior was so out of line that I was truly shocked and that is hard to do.

I was cursed when I told them that I had just been to CVS to return some waffles that were no good and the lady who helped me very politely and without a problem gave me my money back with respect and a smile!

There were two boxes of waffles one of them have been opened which is how we know they tasted terrible and I told her I did not expect her to refund me for that box that she could just throw it away and refund me for the other one. She refunded both boxes and never questioned me and certainly was never rude in anyway form or fashion. She was very professional UNlike these two, and one of the boxes was even opened.

I never cursed, I never raise my voice, because it was actually quite comical to me how ridiculous they were acting. I saw an old friend who was the only other customer in the store and he was quietly waiting in line to be checked out as I was waiting for him to be checked out. So that we can visit just a little. I never cussed, I never raised my voice, because it was actually quite comical to me how ridiculous they were acting.

I saw an old friend that was the only other customer in the store and he was patiently waiting in line behind me to be checked out. I know that these dollar stores have a hard time keeping employees and Im not exactly sure why but these two should not be hired anywhere that they are required to interact with customers in ANY way!

Regardless of the policy though, one would expect managers, shift leaders, heck new employees, to remain calm, watch their mouths and remember that the customer is always right! Never under any circumstances do you ever ever ever, curse your customer and tell them to out and then refuse service to the next guy in line because he happens to know the first customer! Shocked and appalled, would simply be an understatement. Cannot wait to talk to their manager when she returns on Monday!

If these two still have a job after I speak to her, I will most certainly work my way up the ladder until these two are gone. No excuse for this behavior at all! As I stood waiting for him to be checked out so I could talk to him For a couple of minutes on the walk out to the car, and I I would have waited very quietly and politely, had the jerk in charge not proceeded to instruct me very loudly and with much aggression to "get out!

They said there was no paper in the machine so they could not give me one. Had I not been in a hurry I would have asked for the manager and stood there until I got a receipt, and told the cashier that, and that that was ridiculous. Today I had 3 things I need to return or just get something in place of it Now I shop with this store times a week cause I So projects and love cleaning supplies and snacks for the kids.

I got tons of receipts me being lazy I went in the store the lady told me only way you can change is for the same product! So I ask can I get a drink or chips and you keep the change or anything she tells me No!

So I ask her where your Garden stuff she points and say down there. You just say I steal! Now I got to get out your store!!! Then she say she gone calll the cops Why? I mean I have not hit you I have not said one cuss word to you but I did in my head Lol I was not talking loud I the money I put into this store!!! When the fan and heater are on it actually blows cold air. I was just satisfied. I looked online at your refund policy and it said you wanted me to be satisfied with all and I specify all items if not I could have a full refund within 30 days if I had original packaging all accessories and my receipt.

And I said have you read online with your return policy is it says all items can be returned within 30 days in the original packaging in the original box with all the accessories and the book and a receipt.

It did not say excluding heaters but she has a little laminated piece of paper that says their refund policy for heaters is exchange.

That little piece of paper is the size of a business card in his behind the register where customers can even see it.

I expect a response as soon as possible. But I need somebody to tell me why Crystal gets to make her own decisions on your return policy and soon as possible thank you. I have the receipt and all the original packaging. They told me that when I bought it there was a sign that said "Heaters can not be returned without a receipt and has to be unopened".

Then told me I could not return it. Dollar General is the worst. The lady cashier was very nice but the little boy was very rude!! They keep building more Dollar Generals but they are not gonna have any customers if they keep treating them this way!!

Unopened Cell phone with receipt in the same bag it was bought in. Didnt want the service agreement. I knew DG sucked just surprised that they sucked this much, NBD, lesson learned and will stop the charge on the credit card. As well as return a shower rod I had purchased at right before Thanksgiving. I then ask for the credit for rod. He said no, so here we are going back in forth. I ask for manager he said she was at the bank he is the assistant manager..

He stated their policy says I have to have a receipt. I ask please show me the policy which is conveniently located at register. It stated and I quote. Without a receipt customer can exchange for equal or lesser value or get a gift card. After I read it to him mind you others are now looking on Shocked at his responds I replied are you calling me a theft. I asked him why would I return here if I got it somewhere else.

Can you please honor your policy and take back the rod. He was stuck at no. My hair was a mess because I just woke up and headed up there to grab something.. I feel he profiled me. And I begin to think.

He and his manager did this before. But then this happen and I feel the are picking who they do what to. They are racist and need to be removed if they treat certain customers a certain way. Went back in store and was told they could not exchange tobacco products.

Is this actually true and if so, what a bunch of losers. Cause I start a new job and might need it! So I went there and she lady said I had to have a receipt. I told her that she put it in the trash, so I asked if I could get it out she told me no she ripped it up. Im so and on top of all that I asked the over the phone once I got home what their names were and she hung up.. So I tried taking it back and the employee said that I had to be 18 to make a return.

I mean sure I can just get a parent to return but still. And when I was buying the antenna I asked about their return policy and not one time did she mention anything but about being They told me only if it was broken and only a exchange. Opened the box and it was cracked. He refused and asked for his money back again.

Will spread the word. I have seen this "no refund attitude" prevalent from store managers, to new-hire cashiers. These stores simply want to keep money transactions strictly one-way, from the customers hands to theirs. Such an attitude simply must originate at the very top, and trickle down through store managers and employees, no matter what the written policy is. I did not like the cookies he bought, so I took them back to the store, unopened and with a receipt.

I was told by the cashier that the Food and Drug Administration does not allow for packaged items nonperishable foods to be returned even with a receipt.

Perhaps Dollar General should educate their cashiers upon hiring them. I spent over Everything was still in bags and was never taken out my car. They have nothing post for the customers to see their return policy. Customers need to know these thing before the purchase. They say they will give me something equal to my purchase. Now what can I get from the dollar tree that equals over This is not fair to the customers.

The Dollar General coupon policy is shopper-friendly and includes policies on accepting double coupons, internet coupons and other types of coupons. I acknowledge that an electronic copy of the Dollar General Employee Handbook and applicable supplement dating, personal or intimate relationships, or appearance differs from Dollar General policy, Dollar General will follow the specific state law. Employees may receive up to5/5(5).

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