Pb-210 dating sediments

Environment Planning Job Posting: Do you want to work in the best place in the world for the summer? Ambassadors will be responsible for mapping Phragmites stands in Cognashene and Honey Harbour as well as delivering educational programs, and assisting in, organizing and conducting community cutting activities as needed. Educational activities will include assisting in organizing and speaking at group events as well as dock visits to educate property owners on how to identify and eradicate invasive Phragmites on their property.

Communicating current initiatives of other stakeholder groups such as Parks Canada, MNR, and the Ontario Phragmites Working Group will be disseminated, as well as providing information on the local cottager association. These activities will progress from education and mapping in the early summer, to cutting in August.

Ambassadors may also be required to transport GBF University research teams to various sites around Honey Harbour and assist in other research activities throughout the summer. Students will work in teams of two in boats and therefore, we will be looking for at least 2 candidates that are strong boat drivers and navigators who know the waters throughout Honey Harbour and Cognashene.

Overall, each team of two must have excellent boating and navigation skills, communication and education skills, as well as an ability to cut and haul reeds. Orientation and background training will be provided prior to the start of the summer. Must be competent with marine navigation and charts and how to operate GPS systems. Working knowledge of Sonar equipment and Chartplotters an asset. Training will be provided. Use of a personal boat would be an asset.

Must have good interpersonal skills to initiate dock-side discussions and communicate information. Demonstrated ability to manage time, co-ordinate community activities, and communicate with team members. Be able to make public presentations.

Must be available to work weekends. Be in good physical condition and able to operate manual and powered cutting tools. Be confident in the water and a competent swimmer with an excellent knowledge of water safety practices. Keep excellent records and documentation on activities, participants, and outcomes of summer activities. Interested applicants please send resume to Sandy Thompson. Please contact Sandy Thompson with questions. Walker with respect to the history of the IJC and the fact that discussions related to management of water levels has been ongoing for nearly years.

In the past, each time the water has dropped and people have started to discuss solutions, the levels have come back up. Current water levels are at the low end of historic trends with an all-time low record set in January Over the past years, the volume of aggregate that has been removed from the St Clair river is astounding about 1 million dump trucks worth although the dredging of the river is behind schedule underfunded right now to even keep up current shipping requirements.

Walker discussed information from reports that have come out recently Baird report, study and the solutions proposed. Many of the solutions proposed are centered around the Stag Island area. The presentation included a good comparison chart that lays out the options, costs, and timing. The process will continue to move along but various stakeholders and groups need to be conferred with i.

While this is a great thing, it will require more consideration for any construction done in that area. We have heard a bit about this in the past and the draft report is expected to be completed in February pushed back from January. CGLR is an international group that bring together many stakeholders in the GL region in the US and Canada so that all social, economic, environmental and commercial aspects can be considered. The study will analyze the impacts on shipping, harbours, fishing, boating, property values, hydro power generation, municipal and industrial water use and agriculture.

At this time the study intends to stay fairly well focused on what they can assign costs to rather than speculate on the trickle down effects due to the fuzziness of the numbers as it gets further from the data they are able to collect there was a question from the audience about how they would include this.

However, it is acknowledged that there will be other effects than they can analyze in this one study but it should assist in its intent to get stakeholders engaged and collaborating on the solutions. Cognashene had the following ratings: There is not relative scale or rating for coastal wetland coverage.

There is a native subspecies of phragmites that is not as destructive.

Lead is a chemical element with symbol Pb (from the Latin plumbum) and atomic number It is a heavy metal that is denser than most common materials. Lead is soft and malleable, and has a relatively low melting technologyscience.ml freshly cut, lead is silvery with a hint of blue; it tarnishes to a dull gray color when exposed to air. Lead has the highest . The Cognashene Cottagers' Association represents a water-based community on the east shore of Georgian Bay whose mandate is to represent and coordinate the communal interests of its members.

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