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The Healthiest Natural Sweetener? Axe on Facebook Dr. Axe on Twitter 39 Dr. Axe on Instagram Dr. Axe on Google Plus Dr. Axe on Youtube Dr. Well, Medjool dates do not disappoint. What exactly are Medjool dates, and what makes them so beneficial? What Are Medjool Dates? There are many varieties of dates available worldwide, but the Medjool date is one of two of the most commercially produced varieties within the U.

The other most commonly produced is the Deglet Noor or Nour date, but Medjools are larger, softer and sweeter. Medjool dates have a deep brown skin color with a flavor that can be described as caramel-like.

Medjool dates vary greatly in size, and at present there are no industry standards for size. Once you get a hang of how to incorporate Medjool dates into your daily diet and recipes, they will quickly become one of your favorite raw food kitchen staples! Decrease Cholesterol Medjool dates are a wise choice when it comes to maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. When there is too much cholesterol circulating in the blood, it can create sticky deposits called plaque along the artery walls.

Plaque can eventually narrow or block the flow of blood to the brain, heart and other organs. Blood cells that get caught on the plaque form clots, which can break loose and completely block blood flow through an artery, causing heart attack or stroke.

If you suffer from high cholesterol, experts recommend a diet that includes high-fiber foods such as dates. The high fiber content of Medjool dates make them a smart choice when it comes to keeping yourself regular.

But before you freak out, if there is no pain or bleeding, in most cases constipation is just a sign that your diet needs more fiber. The average adult needs around 25 to 30 grams of fiber per day to prevent constipation, which is much less than most people typically consume on a daily basis.

However, dates are high in natural sugars like fructose, glucose and sucrose. These sugars are easily processed and utilized by the body for energy. Worldwide, dates are used for an afternoon pick-me-up to ward off tiredness.

Instead of reaching for another cup of coffee, try a green smoothie recipe that includes some Medjool dates! Reduce Triglyceride Levels Medjool dates can give your heart a healthy boost. Ten healthy subjects consumed grams daily of either Medjool or Hallawi dates for four weeks.

Alternative Natural Sweetener If nature had an actual candy store, Medjool dates would be front and center. When you eat a Medjool date, it can be hard to process that it really is a piece of fruit because it has such candy-like quality to it. Research has shown that there is a direct link between increased sugar consumption in food and increased diabetes rates.

A delicious fruit, like a Medjool date, provides a truly satisfying alternative to eating a candy bar or brownie loaded with refined sugar.

Boost Bone Health The significant amounts of key minerals found in Medjool dates make them superstars when it comes to strengthening bones and fighting off painful and debilitating bone diseases like osteoporosis thus, add dates to your osteoporosis diet natural treatment plan.

Dates are high in calcium and a food high in phosphorus , which work closely together to build strong bones and teeth. Phosphorus is needed for the growth, maintenance and repair of all tissues and cells, and for the production of the genetic building blocks, DNA and RNA. Phosphorus is also required to help balance and use other vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D, iodine, magnesium, and zinc.

Eating Medjool dates regularly is one way that you can up your intake of calcium and phosphorus. Since dates are naturally rich in carbohydrates Medjool dates are also loaded with many vitamins and minerals. One serving grams of Medjool dates contains 9 , The date is a one-seeded fruit, typically oblong, but often varying in shape, size, color, quality and consistency of flesh. There are hundreds of named varieties of Phoenix dactylifera date palms, but one of the most famous is the large, soft Medjool date palm, which produces Medjool dates.

Dates have been a staple food of the Middle East and the Indus Valley for thousands of years. They are believed to have originated around what is now Iraq, and have been cultivated since ancient times from Mesopotamia to prehistoric Egypt, possibly as early as B.

The date palm is grown as an ornamental tree along the Mediterranean shores of Europe with its leaves used for the celebration of Palm Sunday among Christians and the celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles among Jews. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran and Iraq are currently the leading date-producing and exporting countries. Medjool date palms are also grown in several other U. Dried Medjool dates are also likely to be found at your nearest health store, often in the bulk section, which will give you the greatest amount of dried dates for the lowest price.

I even found dried Medjool dates in my local pharmacy in the food aisle recently! Medjool dates come with the pit inside of them because the fruit is too soft to put in a mechanical pitter.

While having to deal with pits is not ideal, the pit can be removed very easily. Need a kick of natural sweetness in your next smoothie or energy drink?

Forget the agave nectar and toss a couple of Medjool dates into the mix. Medjool dates can also make a delicious appetizer or snack when stuffed with various ingredients like goat cheese.

Last but not least, when Medjool dates are made into a paste, they become an awesome, nutrient-dense sugar substitute. Date paste can be used one-to-one in most recipes, unlike stevia, and it adds bulk for baking. How to make date paste: Soak Medjool dates in hot water until soft.

Add the soaked dates to your food processor, along with one tablespoon of the soaking liquid. Add more water as needed to create a thick rich paste. Use the paste in your favorite cookie or cake recipe to cut out refined sugar and boost the nutrients. You can also use date paste to sweeten your favorite muffins and pies.

Medjool Date Recipes Want a snack or dessert that is both seriously delicious and seriously healthy? You have to try this quick and easy recipe for Raw Brownie Bites! Not only do they contain Medjool dates, but they also walnuts, almonds and sea salt making for a tasty treat.

You can try these other delicious and naturally sweet Medjool date recipes as well:

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