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Summers sneaky understated guitar playing on the Police is chock full of jazz chords and unusual voicings. The Police had some filler, but about 20 killer songs, and remarkable musicianship. Copeland was a beast. King off Pain is repetitive, except again the bridge. Ghost in the Machine and Zenyatta Mondetta are probably their best albums. Demolitions Man is a scorching track - maybe their best track as a live sounding band. If you can find decent tabs, check out some of the chords and voicing.

Add9s, sus2s with different voicing, sis 4, E7s, 5ths all kinds of shit. They remind me of some of the progressions on Slang of Ages, Pixeleen.

SD outdid themselves on Green Book - chord slut city. Doc Mu , Allman Bros 70s Fusion: Unless of course, I was in Tuscaloosa.

Wayne , Manhattan Can you please add Pat Metheny to 70s iconic talent? And when is Pat going to release another album? Maybe Pat has become a touring act just like Steely Dan. Age has not been kind to Billy Joel. Critic , grabs us Billy Joel, both musically and lyrically, is too stiff and stuffy to approach being like SD. I like the 52nd Street album too but the rest of his output is mediocre compared to Donald Fagen. Other than that, there are a few stay songs that I enjoy. Sounds like that may be a more common view than I realized.

There was a program on the Beatles Channel on XM where he commented on Beatles songs and then played a few bars on the piano and sang - usually off-key and very unfiltered. I thought it was pretty good. Joel imitates all the patented Dan trademarks: Never before has he attempted such leaps in lyrical and musical themes. BadSneakers , nj typo And thanks for knocking the Fake Internet Loan Shark off the top of the page.

Somebody hadda do it. I was trying to knock the loan application off of the top post spot, and yacht rock radio was the best I could muster.

The Dean , St. Augustine Beach Nicholas said, "It would be nice to have a yacht, though. In addition to SD, there is some decent music - but you also have to wade through a lot of crap, as you might expect on a channel named yacht rock radio.

It would be nice to have a yacht, though. They sound just like Steely Dan. Ric , M "Once you get into the s, the talent goes way down. Those are regulars in the setlist.

I thought that it was profound. Imagine a SD concert attended by Bluebook-style fans, Deacon Blues is played, and by the end of it everyone in the audience is in tears along with half of the band. Then the bank breaks into Bodhi and pulls us out of it.

Norman , Hollywood The video down below stinks and is an insult to the song. Not a big fan of the "upbeat" DFB remake. Besides Aja night at the Beacon. But you never know. Chris , nh 06 Western World is its own thing. Some nice solos from both Herington and Krantz, the stars of that tour. Rod , Dublin Date: People might have scratched their heads and said "Well, what the fuck is this?

I personally love the album but it did take a few listens to fully appreciate it. Why knock the fast version of Western World? It shows how Donald can change a deeply moving ballad into a high upbeat funk song. It seemed to go unmentioned in What can ya do?? My comments, when compared to yours, seem nice, even polite: Best to all fans. So much so, in fact, that I futilely voted for it for each Beacon "Request Night" that I have attended so far.

It was the audio equivalent of the Norwalk virus. I could keep going. Please add to the list But only because you insisted. Normally, I prefer to stay out of these things. Of course, others may disagree Until this year, "Any Major Dude Kent , working Sorry, Steve. Its something we all need to witness before we die. The funky horn section is hard to resist.

The song really kicks ass! This is probably the way Donald intended it to be played. Still, I will admit the ballad version is good too. They always play good deep cuts at the beginning of the tour like Western World and then they get dropped from the setlist. Meadows , San Francisco I guess I was wrong. June 9, 12 and I never heard these pop up on YouTube. Maybe crowd response was dismal so Donald nixed it from the setlist. They played a few Steely Dan songs at that small club show I saw 2 shows that year I remember feeling a little bummed out when Donald said "this sucks" when rehearsing Western World during the Rent Party rehearsal doc.

Please add to the list.. That said, the versions of Misery and the Blues were awesome. Setlist says it was played a couple of times before that. Never seen that short rent party doc before - Thanks for posting BenJammin. Would love to see the rest of that band rehearsal!! Would have to look up the year.

It was after Jim Beard joined the band. I have a recording of it. From the Carolinas, first night of tour. They never played Here at the Western World on tour.

What about that great run through of Here at the Western Word? Anybody know if they actually played that on the tour? I know Donald did a version in but this sounds a lot closer to the original arrangement. One of my fave tours,4 shows in 5 nights I believe. Looking forward to the street party in Oct! The guys discuss the Album Night shows, which continues to be a popular concert strategy.

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